Thanks to the trust so far given to us by our customers, we have invested resources and energy for continuous improvement and of course, we are very satisfied.

During the years we have shown how big is the effort of the whole family and their desire to grow through continuous and relentless improvement, with continuous investments, with ISO9001 certification since 1997, with the change of venue, doubling space and production capacity, and a new plant and technical layout.

Since 2006 we also started the revolution of “Green Electronics”, another important step towards improvement. Due to certain issues of radical transformation of the assembling and welding process, this could be very tricky, but we tried to turn it into another opportunity for growth and improvement.

From rom July 1st, 2006 the RoHS Directive establishes and prevents the marketing of electronic equipment containing substances harmful to humans and the environment, giving way to “Green Electronics”.

In view of the above from January 1st, 2006 Montel declares this request on all issued orders, asking suppliers to provide only RoHS compliant products.

As a result of the above Directive, from July 1st, 2006, the welding of boards can only use alloys known generically as “Lead-Free”, this is a topic of vital importance for the assembly field. From January 1st, 2006, so six months in advance before the law was in force, Montel was already able to provide “RoHS” and “Lead-Free” assemblies.

The introduction of the new lead-free alloys resulted in a substantial upgrading of the company equipment.

The adjustment process started with the replacement of the sealing units of welding wave machine, convection oven, Pick and Place, and was completed with the insertion of a sophisticated Optical Test carried out after the welding of SMT boards, in order to improve and leverage the quality of the finished product.

To avoid problems during this transition from the old to the new welding technology, it is not enough to buy new equipment as so many have done. The operators’ training is vital, that is why we took part to several conferences organized by manufacturers, and we even carried out those related to the use of new equipment. Finally, in order to create two new professional roles, “Process Engineers”, we turned to a non-profit organization recognized internationally, as the Italian Institute of Welding.

So we believe we managed to turn a dangerous step from the old technology to the new one into a great opportunity of engineering/professional growth, showing vitality and desire to pursue our objectives with that enthusiasm that has always marked the past years.