The general sales conditions set out below are always applicable to each customer’s order, therefore any other supply clause shown on the customer’s order will be considered void if contrary to what set out below. Special conditions and exceptions to these general conditions are considered valid only if confirmed in writing by Montel.

  1. Sale prices are calculated ex our laboratory and will also be subject to change in case of sudden price increases made by manufacturers and/or distributors in view of changing market conditions and/or unfavorable currency exchange. Montel reserves the right after a first delivery of processed materials to reassess the agreed price and to proceed with any changes deemed necessary.
  2. All invoices must be paid within the time agreed. For any delays Montel reserves the right to charge default interest at a rate of interest per annum equal to the official discount rate increased by 5 points. We also reserve the right to suspend deliveries if the customer fails to make even a single payment within the deadline.
  3. The boards are built according to a design provided by the customer or by third parties, including the components approved and included in the bill by the customer, who is then responsible for them; in case of defective material, the customer will have to prove the failure/defect to the “Manufacturer” also, if necessary, hiring an external expert and taking care of all appropriate charges. After the customer has demonstrated, if necessary, also in court, the defectiveness of the material and after recognition of the defect by the “Manufacturer”, Montel will proceed according to the law calling for the replacement or restoration of the defective material, obviously if still under warranty and anyway in each case the components are covered solely by the “Manufacturer”‘s warranty. Montel is not responsible for any delays due to legal bureaucracy for the recognition of material failure and/or return times by the “Manufacturer” of compliant material. The reporting of defects cannot lead to the suspension of the entire invoice, so any change in the payment will be previously agreed and authorized in writing by Montel.
  4. Functional testing and CE marking with relative tests are totally paid by the customer.
  5. The cards made by us are not subject to “complete” functional testing, but only to a visual inspection, “Optical Test” or partial test. Returns are not accepted for warranty repairs for failure if not related to welding defects or assembly errors, or if badly damaged, altered or misused.
  6. Nevertheless , it is provided a gap for construction defects not exceeding 2%.
  7. The delivery data submitted in the order are only indicative and non-essential, as they are dependent on unpredictable factors beyond the reasonable control of Montel. It remains then of your competence to issue orders well in advance of delivery dates. We do not accept orders, or accept them with “Reserve”, with delivery dates of less than 90 days, due to the impossibility, given current market conditions, of finding electronic components quickly. It is therefore understood that according to the above we will not recognize any claim for damages, application of penalties or any suspension of payment of due invoices.┬áMontel reserves the right to make partial deliveries, this does not release the customer from the obligation to accept delivery and make payment. The customer cannot cancel following deliveries.
  8. No return will be accepted unless previously authorized by Montel, the goods will be delivered ex our laboratory, in conditions of adequate packaging, they will travel at the risk of the customer, and the return of course does not imply the client’s right to credit and/or replacement of the goods. Repairs will be carried out within 10 working days except in cases of force majeure.
  9. Any abnormalities should be notified in any event within 10 days of receipt of the goods. After this period, we consider the material as compliant and accepted by the client, so any other form of assistance and/or guarantee is not provided.
    In any case the responsibility of Montel for direct or indirect damages caused by the product is limited and not exceeding the selling price of the product itself.
  10. Goods always travel at customer’s risk. Any loss or damage will be attributed exclusively to the carrier who will eventually be notified of complaints and compensation claims. The customer has to check the integrity and correctness of the packages at goods arrival.
  11. For all matters not explicitly provided, laws concerning such matters shall be valid.
  12. For any dispute, the Court of Genoa is competent also in the case of connection with another cause subjected to other judicial authority.

Busalla (GE), 06/01/2015 Menini Tiziana